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This is from the famous Japanese rock garden at Ryōan-ji temple in northwest Kyoto, Japan. Ryōan-ji is a temple belonging to the Myoshin-ji school of the Rinzai branch of the Zen sect, famous for its Zen garden.
The garden is constructed in Karesansui style. It is 30 meters long from east to west and 10 meters from north to south. There are no trees, just 15 irregularly shaped rocks of varying sizes, some surrounded by moss, arranged in a bed of white gravel/sand that is raked every day. (Source: wikipedia)

It is a simple rock garden, consisting of nothing but white gravel/sand and rocks, laid out just after the Onin Wars in the late 15th century. This rock garden is acknowledged to be one of the absolute masterpieces of Japanese culture.

Although most of my photos tend to be colorful landscapes, cityscapes etc, this one happens to be one of the photos I like the most, if not the favorite. Just looking at it has a soothing effect somehow. It is also one of the few photos of mine that I have framed for my place.

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